ITLV corporate website


ITLV is one of the largest suppliers of olives, a manufacturer and provider of olive oil and Mediterranean diet products.


Develop a website for ITLV company.


Increase brand awareness, encourage sales; create an image of an expert brand in the «olive oil», «olives», and «vinegars» categories.


concept → prototyping → design → HTML coding → programming → copywriting → photo shoot → testing


What can we do in the kitchen? Not only cook. The kitchen is a great place to communicate, and to share good news, loving care and tenderness. Because there is more to cooking than simply step-by-step execution of someone’s instructions. Cooking is a culinary story of love. By using ITLV products together with your family, children or friends, you will cook delicious and healthy meals. You will spend time together. And you will show your love for each other.


The philosophy of the ITLV brand is based upon the concept of healthy nutrition. We launched a series of articles and recipes to raise the awareness of the core audience.
The website presents step-by-step instructions for cooking healthy dishes of Mediterranean and Russian cuisine. Recipes are made relevant for various groups of users by offering them various descriptions of the cooking process — for friends, family or a couple in love. This helps users to distribute the duties among the «cooks» and turns cooking into pleasant and understandable entertainment, even for those who are cooking for the first time in their life. All of the recipes on the website use ITLV products.
To attract a broader audience and to increase the visit depth and the time spent on the website, we wrote lots and lots of helpful articles. The «Take Care of Your Loved Ones» section features dozens of creative ideas for those wishing to have quality time while cooking and eating delicious meals. Every group of users will find entertainment suited to their tastes — from traditional Spanish games to contests for children.
Also on the website, you will find articles on healthy foods and skin care advice. Information about the creation of olive oil is presented on a separate page, using the Parallax scrolling effect.

Creative Team

analysis and planning — Sasha Smorodsky

design concept by Zakhar Shlimakov

design by Ira Znosok, Nadya Makeyeva, Oleg Labunsky

Art Director — Ira Znosok

flash by Pasha Belinsky

HTML coding by Vanya Pasechny, Sasha Shinkevich

Technical Director — Zhenya Golubev

copywriting by Pasha Fomin, Katya Nevinskaya

photographs by Rodion Kovenkin

Project Manager — Lesha Makushkin, Ira Mendel

Customer Manager — Marina Biryukova