A promo website for Popitas popcorn


Popitas is one of the most popular Spanish producers of natural microwave popcorn.

Project start



To update the image of the website. To present I Love Zero, a new product by Popitas.

Communication Challenges

To strengthen an associative link of Popitas and having fun at home with friends within the target audience. Ensure the knowledge of target audience about the product features: Popitas Zero is unique, yummy, and healthy, palm oil free popcorn.


Creative idea, planning, design, HTML coding, website programming, and copyrighting.


The target audience of the brand is the youth aged 16-25. These are the active users who live life to the full. They certainly keep an eye on movie premieres and are fond of watching good films in good company. From now on, it is not necessary to go out to watch a movie together. You can arrange the best party in your apartment.
With Popitas, any room is easily turned into a personal home theater. For each type of movie viewing, Popitas offers a special taste: caramel Popitas for a melodrama or a romantic comedy, sweet Popitas for a comedy, and cheese Popitas for a sporting event.
We built our communication with users based on a complementary service to the traditional motion picture viewing (getting ready for a party, inviting friends). After the interaction with the website, the experience gained by a movie buff becomes more profound, fascinating, and vivid.
The website has a feature that enables cineasts to live out their dream of creating their own movie theaters. The only thing they have to do is to decide on the movie to watch and the showtime to choose. And to use the invitation builder.
To create an invitation, one has to indicate the date and time of the event and the name of the movie in a special website form. Then, it is possible to select an appropriate Popitas taste as a design element for an invitation card.
In addition, a uniquely designed movie poster can be saved and published in a social network.

Creative Team

design by Nadia Makeyeva

Art Director Ira Znosok

programming by Dima Budnitsky

Technical Director Oleg Ghubin

сopywriting Pasha Fomin

Project Manager Lyosha Makushkin

Project Manager Ira Mendel

Client Manager Marina Biryukova