Vrij Verzekerd insurance company


Novocortex for Vrij Verzekerd insurance company (the Netherlands).


To inform the core audience that in case of a serious accident Vrij Verzekerd insurance company will refund the full value of their car. To bring users to the website in order to calculate the insurance fee.


concept → banner and game design → game development → animation and programming of the banner and the game → video shooting and editing → video seeding → placing the game on the App Store → writing and seeding articles


“In case of a serious accident the Dutch insurance company Vrij Verzekerd will refund the full value of your car. You will thus be able to acquire an identical car and … keep driving.”
To illustrate this benefit an interactive campaign was designed including a free «Endless Race» iPhone game and a viral video.
«Endless Race» became one of the first multiplayer games for the iPhone 3G where the game jumps between phones. The essence of the game is to reach the finish line within 60 seconds — then the game jumps to another iPhone. Users can thus race endlessly. In case of an accident, Vrij Verzekerd comes to help and puts the car back on the track.
The gameplay is based on the interactive banner that we developed for Vrij Verzekerd earlier.


To draw attention to the game we shot an online video, where a car drives on a very long chain of iPhones (you see it under this text). We sent the link to websites that write about games and the iPhone. The video sparked debate whether such games as «Endless Race» exist for real and whether it is possible at all to develop a game, where action jumps from one iPhone to another.
Readers learnt from the discussion that «Endless Racing Game» does exist and is available for download for free on App Store / iTunes. And they surely saw that players can build an endless racing track on their Bluetooth-connected iPhones owing to Apple’s peer-to-peer connectivity.


1,000,000 PEOPLE

downloaded «Endless Race» from AppStore.


mentioned «Endless Race» in their publications, including Engadget and Crunch Gear/TechCrunch


Most Viewed video in the Netherlands for Next Level («Endless Race») viral video


Most Viewed gaming video in the world for Next Level («Endless Race») viral video


of Next Level («Endless Race») video in its first week on YouTube


for Next Level («Endless Race») video on YouTube


The campaign became an Official Honoree for the 14th Annual Webby Awards (New York) in the Mobile category
Further on, the campaign won the bronze in the Online and Viral category of Internet Advertising at the 2nd White Square International Advertising and Marketing Festival (Minsk)
The company won the gold in the Media Projects category at the 11th Kyiv International Advertising Festival
The campaign was also short-listed for the 17th Golden Drum advertising festival and 20th Red Apple Moscow International Advertising and Marketing Festival. Furthermore, «Endless Race» became a finalist of the AD STARS International Festival in South Korea


campaign Novocortex (the Netherlands), Red Graphic, Eat Information

development iPhone app ScienceSoft

video Bullet ICP

music Drum Ecstasy