An advertising campaign for VrijVerzekerd insurance company


Novocortex for VrijVerzekerd insurance company (the Netherlands).


To effectively advertise auto insurance services in conditions of a limited budget.


Concept development, design.


We found an unconventional tool to attract motorists’ attention — to do something terrible to their cars. A big nasty scratch did the job perfectly well.
We were never going to scratch their cars for real, though. There is a more delicate way — to buy a transparent sticker that adheres to the car and can be removed easily and with no traces. Imagine you come up to your car and see such a horrible scratch on a front door. What is the first thing that you would do? Take a closer look at the scratch and then look for the perp. So you bend over to examine it and find out that it is a sticker with an inscription: “Real scratches can be removed as easily as this sticker. Just insure your car at Vrij Verzekerd.” And you see their telephone number, along with a special offer.
We had a candid camera shoot drivers’ reactions and then posted those videos on YouTube.


More Than 10,000 Views

during the first few weeks of the campaign

A 20%

increase in the time spent on the Vrij Verzekerd website during the campaign


in the Dutch and Belgian media


daily Vrij Verzekerd site traffic during the campaign


included in a Dutch university guidebook on advertising


for the best Guerilla Marketing of the 39th Annual Creativity Awards Festival (USA)

Creative Team

idea by Nadya Zelenkova

design by Ira Znosok, Sergei Rodich

Client Manager Kate Labuda