Fanta fandoms


The Coca-Cola Company. Fanta.


To support Fanta's mission

— give an opportunity to reveal creative potential, help to cope with the routine, inspire joint creativity (Fanta for Fun). Increase engagement, increase the organic reach of the Fanta Belarus community, attract a new audience.


creative concept and mechanics of the project → selection of influencers → posts design and copywriting → UGC content and key metrics monitoring


In a big SMM campaign, to support its mission, Fanta should become a fun initiator. The brand had to come up with an incentive for its audience to realize their creative potential.

How to do it? — Entertain and engage!

How to do it with the greatest coverage? — Take advantage of the influencers’ audiences!

That's why we decided to have a bloggers’ fans battle.

For the project we selected relevant to Fanta bloggers: with similar audience (the core is 12-19 yo) and playful mood. Maxim Dolinov, Lera Yaskevich and Sasha Romanov.

Bloggers posted trendy challenges. Their subscribers supported the challenges with their participation and likes. The victory went to the most active fanclub (fandom). The winning influencer took part in the shooting of the Fanta commercial.

Natively integrating Fanta in communication was a bright and not trivial way to increase the audience in social networks.


Once a week each blogger posted a new challenge on VK and Instagram → subscribers repeated it for a week → we counted how many subscribers took part (the blogger's #fandom). The blogger with the biggest #fandom won.

Fanta’s role

The videos contained mentions of the brand and references to it. For example, a blogger handed out tangerines or oranges, said Fanta slogans, etc.

Fanta had fun with the bloggers and the teens, helping them create creative content. Everything they love.

The battle consisted of 3 challenges and lasted 3 weeks.

— Bloggers regularly reminded subscribers about the challenge and encouraged them to participate with their stories and posts.

— Every Monday bloggers chose the 3 best among the participants of their challenge and awarded them with prizes.

— The Fanta communities on VK and Instagram acted as an information hub: announcements were published in stories, current results for the week of the challenge and the winner were announced.

And these are only publications and stories in the accounts of Fanta Belarus and participating bloggers. There were 427 more UGC posts in support of blogger challenges for the #fantachallenge hashtag.

Fanta Belarus accounts increased the number of unique visitors and views per day by 80%, and the number of subscribers increased by more than 20%.


Masha Lukashuk - SMM manager

Evgeny Andreychuk, Anastasia Avdeenko - creative team

Ivan Vyshka - designer

Vesta German - legal support

Tanya Rogovskaya - account director