MTBank Hello, world!

Customer and product

MTBank is launching a new product — the World Mastercard Black Edition premium card. Using this card, you have free access to business lounges at the airports and get discounts at restaurants and hotels around the world. The card has free travel insurance, Internet roaming and overdraft, which is in fact a no-interest loan for up to 50 days. You earn miles on each purchase and travel for free.


To create a name and a slogan, design, style and promotion materials for the premium card.


Naming → design → copywriting → launch of the microsite. Advertising campaign with a teaser and reveal: outdoor advertising → POS-materials → Internet banners → online videos.


It’s Friday evening. Everything started with naming. The card’s name was meant to be in English, but for Russian-speaking audience. Development had to be done over the weekend. Out of all inventions, we chose four and sent them to our client. They liked «Hello, world!», and it became a starting point for further work. The card’s slogan became the 5-word mantra: Card For Those Who Fly.

Card’s image

Flights inspire. We wanted to reflect this state in the design so that the premium card’s image could inspire and was associated with the flight height. Sun rising from behind the planet is an image which became the main symbol and formed the basis for the style. When looking at it, you welcome the whole world.

Teaser campaign

Billboards appeared throughout the city, and the video — on the Internet. The teaser campaign consisted of only 4 words in the black background. Two foreign words with translation into Russian and that’s all, with no other symbols present. Previously, we had «世界, 你好!» as well as «Sveikas, pasauli!» and «Salut, monde!». It was weird, not widely understood and raised questions. Everything just the way we wanted.

Chinese, Italian and Lithuanian are different languages and different distances. We wanted the communication to look unusual for Belarus and resonate with those Belarusians who travel worldwide.


The Hello, world! card’s audience are travelers, businessmen and IT specialists. To attract their attention to the premium card, we wanted to add a story into the revealer which would be understood and appreciated.

People are usually good at telling stories. That’s why we needed a celebrity to announce release of the card. Alexander Center — pilot and businessman combined, would be perfect for this role. Agreed.

Following two weeks, overnight, billboards with Alexander Tsenter and the new Hello, world! card appeared instead of foreign teaser phrases. Alexander is looking upwards and we are looking at him. You can also find microsite, banners and the video on the Internet.


All benefits of the card are described on the website. It also contains information about current partners, a miles calculator and a feedback form.

When making any purchases with the card, you are awarded up to 10% miles for free air tickets. The more miles are accumulated, the farther you can fly.

To calculate where your purchases can lead you to, we’ve created an online calculator: enter a usual sum of monthly expenses and you’ll see how many miles will be returned to you for a year. The countries listed below the calculator serve as distance reference. Find out which country you can fly for free and start planning your trip.


Deputy Head of Marketing at MTBank:
Anastasia Alkhimovich

Red Graphic Director:
Nadya Zelenkova

Red Graphic Account Manager:
Dasha Zholobova

Senior Graphic Designer:
Slava Lysenko

Red Graphic Art Director:
Ira Znosok

Creative Director Red Graphic:
Zhenya Andreichuk

Red Graphic Technical Director:
Oleg Matveenko