MTBank Hello, world! 2nd flight


MTBank launches 2nd advertising campaign for the premium-class card Hello, world!


Attract the attention of the audience who flies a lot and are willing to fly more.


Idea → video series → key visual → website


It’s 2018 and MTBank launches the first premium-class Black Edition card. Red Graphic team creates the name, slogan, and the card design. Then it develops the website and launches the campaign «Hello, world! Card for those who fly» starring Aleksander Tsenter.

9 months have passed since the launch of the first flight. The card needs to evolve and get a new audience — from top management to those who fly a lot and want to fly MORE.

We focused on businessmen, entrepreneurs and top managers who fly a lot and would be able to fly more with Hello, world! card. To get a bonus flight you exchange the bonus miles for purchases. Each purchase turns into bonus miles and each visit to the supermarket brings you closer to your potential bonus trip.


People don’t trust easy wins and perfect bargains. When we are offered bonuses, discounts, and gifts it feels quite alarming. Our audience has earned everything with their own efforts and knows how to handle finances. These people want their personality and achievements to be treated fairly and with respect.


The strategy is being fair. The campaign revolves around real people and each slogan is their life credo

I earned it all myself. Even this free flight.

The new communication isn’t typical for banks as it doesn’t highlight any perks or gifts. At the beginning of the video characters confess that it’s a Hello, world! card ad and MTBank won’t actually give you a free ticket but offers to earn it.

Meet four characters in four videos with their real stories of how they always earned money themselves. Their achievements are worth attention and their energy is catching.

— Vitalina Gordievska, owns a handbag brand — Michael Mysnik, co-founder of «Бизнес-Пробуждение» conference — Olga Prokopyeva, runs a catering company and a decor studio — Andrey Shubaderov, manager in a large IT company


We created 4 videos for the web, updated the website, made a photoshoot, and created key visuals with our characters.


MTBank Team

Anastasiya Alkhimovich, Natalya Suvorova, Aleksandr Prudilnik


Director: Denis Volkov
Video production: MediaCube
Photographer: Aleksandr Konotop

Red Graphic Team

Director: Nadia Zelenkova
Account Manager: Dasha Zholobova
Art Director: Slava Lysenko
Creative Director: Eugene Andreichuk
Copywriter: Nastya Avdeenko
Technical Director: Oleg Matveenko