Updating the BSB Bank’s website design


BSB Bank (“BelSwissBank” Belarusian-Swiss Bank Closed Joint-Stock Company). In 2013 it was among top 20 Belarusian banks in terms of assets and equity.


To update the website design conveying the bank’s core values: convenience, transparency, accessibility. To simplify the conversion paths at the website.

Target audience groups

Individual customers (individuals), business customers (legal entities). Current and potential bank’s customers.


Before starting the design update works we audited the current version of the customer’s website. We identified the most and the least popular pages, analyzed the users’ behavior, the sources of traffic leading to conversion. The new version of the resource was designed based on the audit results.
The new home page features all necessary information for individuals and legal entities: currency exchange rates, opening accounts, services provided to business customers, plastic cards, bank’s news, and contact information. Besides, while creating the design pattern of the home page the visibility and level of nesting of the current version’s most popular landing pages (for instance, “Currency Exchange Rates” and “Internet Banking”) was retained.
The navigation menu is central to the homepage and consists of four main sections: “About Bank”, “To Business Customers”, “To Individual Customers”, “Plastic Cards”. A detailed menu including all significant website’s materials is shown on clicking at any of the sections. This solution helps reduce the degree of nesting and shortens the conversion paths. All information about all services is presented in an understandable and concise way: an unnecessary landing page was deleted thus preventing the user from “jumping” from section to section in the search for necessary information. Maximum nesting of any material in the new version was equal to three levels.
Big background illustrations were used in the home page design. The customer has an opportunity to change them without any professional help if necessary (for instance, choose a background that would correspond to the season of the year or current marketing activities).


The number of users visiting the website increased by 7.87%. The share of new users increased by 12.07%. The target pages’ viewing time increased (for instance, the time spent by users at “Plastic Cards” page increased by 108%, at “Best Rate” page – by 271%). The behavior characteristics of users that came to the website after searching for “currency converter” and “best rate” improved. The visit depth increased by 26.1%, the bounce rate decreased by 28.9%.

Creative team

analytical audit by Vanya Konevega, Katya Nevinskaya

planning by Sasha Smorodsky

design by Zakhar Shilmakov, Ira Znosok, Nadya Makeeva

creative director Zakhar Shilmakov

text concepts by Sasha Teplyakov

HTML coding, development of JS code by Vanya Pasechny

adaptation of XSLT templates by Dima Budnitsky

technical manager Oleg Gubin

project management Ira Mendel, Tanya Rogovskaya