DAB-Embedded, an electronics and software R&D company


To create an independent identity for a small black device


product identity → logo → box design → landing page

About the product

usb2io – USB to various IO interface device for making automatic functional tests of electronic devices and prototyping more easy and lovely. Successfully sold on platforms like Amazon.

Target audience

usb2io is a device for electrical engineers, firmware developers, enthusiasts, and engineering students to communicate with various breakout boards and functional hardware blocks.


We aimed to keep a clear visual language familiar to tech guys. To show the simplicity in use and broad functionality of the device we appealed to straightforward and contrast industrial colors. We made no instructions to be put inside the box as everything is shown right on the front side of the device.

Everything started with a logo that jumped to the black sticker and the black box with catchy yellow highlights. It soon grew into the landing page with essential product information that helps achieve the main task of the page — leading potential customers to the purchase. No lyrics.


Art Director:
Ira Znosok

Account Director:
Tanya Rogovskaya