Nivea «Vote for your rink!» contest


Brand — NIVEA. Company — Beiersdorf.

About the project

«Vote for Your Rink!» is NIVEA’s annual contest aimed at bringing to life abandoned neighborhood rinks in small towns and big cities. The winners were determined by an online vote open to the general public.


To update the design of the website’s desktop and mobile versions. To launch the contest and provide technical support and moderation.


website redesign → desktop and mobile versions → coding → programming → copywriting → animated banners → static banners → email marketing

technical support → setting up Google Analytics targets → pre-moderation of submissions

A gift to the whole city

NIVEA is launching its «Vote for Your Rink!» program for the sixth time. Urban residents who care about abandoned rinks in their neighborhoods take photos of them and add their submissions to NIVEA’s website for the sole purpose of reviving recreational areas in their cities and towns.

In order to win, one has to file a submission and get the most votes for it. This task unites the whole community: friends and acquaintances, colleagues and neighbors all get involved in a single good cause, create groups on social media, discuss, vote, and experience the same emotions together.

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зимой – хоккей
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летом – футбол
5,000 people at the website each day

Every day from the start of the program we receive submissions on the website. They are moderated, and all technical questions are answered. We also make sure that the voting process is fair, and no cheating takes place.

The website is actually a library of neighborhood rinks from different corners of Russia. The residents of cities and towns attach touching stories to their photos of rinks, trying to get people to vote for their submission. For some, a rink is a place to spend time with the family, for others it is the future of the national youth hockey team.

Throughout the promo

100 submissions were published. Of them, 43 came from large cities, and 57 — from small towns.

The website was visited by

500,000 unique users.


Yaroslavl was the winner in the «Large Cities» category, and Selenginsk was the winner in the «Small Towns» category.


Art Director:
Ira Znosok

Technical Director:
Oleg Matveenko

Ivan Pasichny

Creative Director:
Zhenya Andreichuk

Account Manager:
Dasha Zholobova

Mariam Asatryan